Carware Car Windshield Sunshade with Storage Pouch | Car Sun shade in Multiple Sizes | Foldable 240T Material for Sun heat and UV rays protection | Car interior accessories 64×34 Inch (Medium Plus)

Price: AED40.00 - AED 36.00
(as of Dec 15,2022 08:28:55 UTC – Details)

A SUN SHIELD FOR THE CAR TO PROTECT IT FROM THE HEAT OF THE SUN AND CARWARE IS YOUR CHOICE!!! Assume you had parked your automobile in the sun for some time, and the interior had become so hot that it seemed like you were in a sauna. If you ever find yourself in a position like this when traveling, don’t panic. Consider CarWare Windshield Sunshade as your best option. Why is this so? It has the potential to significantly lower cabin temperatures. You don’t have to be concerned about internal temperatures reaching dangerously high levels, which might affect your mood. It successfully blocks lethal UV sun rays from entering your car inside, preventing car dash cracks, worn-out steering wheels, and scorching hot car seats, as well as maintaining a cool and optimum car interior temperature! Why CarWare is so SPECIAL!!? Why we are the best? CarWare is a reliable product among its competitors. Every item is inspected and quality checked. Why choose CarWare Sun Shades? We use the best material that is 240T which is not being used by others. When folded it would take up the minimum space in the car. When being in use its elegant design stands out and looks good Our product is most durable and long-lasting. And best of All, the PACKAGE comes with a FREE POUCH to store CARWARE SUNSHADE!!! INSTALLATION Step 1: Pull out CarWare Sunshade from its Pouch. Step 2: Untwist the folds of CarWare Sunshade and place it against the windscreen from the inside. Step 3: Adjust the place of CarWare Sunshade and WOLAAA!! Step 4: Pull down the visors to prevent the CarWare Sunshade from falling down! Removing CarWare SunShade with EASE! Step 1: Grab CarWare SunShade from either side and twist them up in opposite direction and push your hands together. Step 2: As it folds back place it in the BAG. WHICH CARWARE SUNSHADE IS SUITABLE FOR MY VEHICLE MODEL? Please use a tape measure for the dimensions of your window (length and width) and compare it to the size chart given


[Twist, Fold & Store] Our windshield sunshade is very easy to use. Just pop it out from the bag. Install it. Twist, fold, and store it back anywhere.
[Kept Oversized For Better Fit] Our car sunshade provides a proper fit. It is intentionally kept a bit oversized so that it covers all corners and blocks all the sunlight.
[Wide Range Of Sizes] We have a wide range of sizes to cover up all the car models available in the market.
[Premium Quality] Carware windshield sunshade is made of 240T sliver coated polyester material which reflects almost all sunlight and keeps the car interior cooler.

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